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We provide a range of consulting, advisory, and operational services to ensure your motorsport event is a success.
Event Administration
  • Conceptualise and formulate structure of event to suit sponsor's and manufacturer's objectives

  • Apply for and guarantee approval of all necessary permits from any of the ASNs of the FIA

  • Locate suitable venue for event

  • Prepare all relevant rules and regulations

  • Manage competitors administration

  • Ensure compliance of events and cars with all technical regulations

  • Source support team of senior officials

  • Ensure marshals are competent and appropriately trained

  • Manage on-site requirements of actual race event, including trophies, podium, prize giving functions, etc.

Commercial Negotiations
  • Coordinate with various rights holders to secure the right branding opportunities

  • Negotiate with circuit owners to facilitate the best rates for events and hospitality

  • Facilitate cross-branding and partnership opportunities between non-automotive sponsors, technical suppliers, and manufacturers

PR and Marketing Services
  • Work to secure the right brand ambassador agreements

  • Use our experienced, motorsport-specialised, in-house communications team

  • Coordinate with branding and marketing teams for on-site advertising

  • Organise press conferences to maximise coverage in appropriate media outlets

Racing Opportunities
  • Provide aspiring drivers access to our multiple National Championship winning single-seater race team, complete with technical staff

  • Provide fleet of single-seater cars and personnel for private or corporate events

  • Facilitate driver training with experienced driver coaches

  • Organise "Arrive and Drive" track days for enthusiasts to experience racing

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